TNM Supplement: A Commentary on Uniform Use, 5th Edition

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by  Christian Wittekind (Editor)James D. Brierley (Editor)Anne Lee (Editor)Elisabeth van Eycken (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-26393-7

July 2019 Wiley-Blackwell

272 Pages



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The Union for International Cancer Control’s (UICC) TNM classification system is the most widely used cancer classification and staging system in the world. It is used to describe the anatomical extent of disease and it is essential to patient care, research and cancer control.

This fifth edition of the TNM Supplement: A Commentary of Uniform Use offers practitioners a wealth of material intended to complement the system’s day-to-day use. The volume features:

  • Updated definitions of terms used in cancer staging.
  • New sections on carcinomas of the thymus, sarcomas of the spine and pelvis and soft tissue sarcomas of the head and neck, and comprehensive updates to the head and neck carcinomas, carcinomas of the lung and neuroendocrine tumours sections.
  • Frequently asked questions from the UICC helpdesk.


Organizations associated with the TNM System

National Committees



Chapter 1 Explanatory Notes – General

The General Rules of the TNM System

The TNM Clinical and Pathological Classifications

Residual Tumour (R) Classification

Additional Descriptors

Optional Descriptors

Unknown primary

Staging of Tumours for Which No TNM Classification Is Provided

Histopathological Grading


Chapter 2 Explanatory Notes – Specific Anatomical Sites

Head and Neck Tumours

Digestive System Tumours

Lung tumours, Pleural mesothelioma, and Thymic Tumours

Bone tumours

Soft tissue tumours including GISTs

Skin Tumours

Breast Tumours

Gynaecological Tumours

Urological Tumours

Adrenal Cortex Tumours

Ophthalmic Tumours

Hodgkin Lymphoma and Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas


Chapter 3 Site-Specific Requirements for pT and pN


Head and Neck Tumours

Digestive System Tumours

Lung and Pleural and Thymic Tumours

Tumours of Bone and Soft Tissues

Skin Tumours

Breast Tumours

Gynaecological Tumours

Urological Tumours

Ophthalmic Tumours

Hodgkin Lymphoma and Non-Hodgkin-Lymphoma


Chapter 4 New TNM Classifications Recommended for Testing and Other Classifications




Non Upper Aerodigestive Tract Mucosal Melanoma

Primary Liver Carcinoma of infants and children/Hepatoblastoma

Primary Cutaneous Lymphomas

Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma

Histopathological Staging of Lymph Nodes in Mycosis Fungoides and Sézary Syndrome

Primary Cutaneous B-cell/T-cell Lymphoma (Non-MF/SS Lymphoma)

Multiply Myeloma



Chapter 5 Optional Proposals for Testing New Telescopic Ramifications

All Tumour sites

Head and Neck Tumours

Digestive System Tumours


Lung Tumours


Gynecological Tumours

Urological Tumours


Chapter 6 Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Site Specific Questions



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