Rare Sarcomas

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by Chevreau, Christine, Italiano, Antoine (Eds.)

ISBN: 978-3-030-24696-9



Categories : PATHOLOGY

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This is a unique book focusing on the management of rare sarcomas, which pose an important challenge in Europe and in the US, as they represent nearly one quarter of all new diagnoses of cancer and have lower survival rates than common cancer. Discussing a range of tumors from clear cell and epithelioid sarcoma to solitary fibrous tumor and myxoid fibrosarcoma, this book provides invaluable expertise according to evidence-based guidelines and uses a patient-centered multi-disciplinary approach.

Each of the chapters discusses the forms of rare sarcomas both from an oncological and a pathological perspective. This book aims to help the sarcoma expert in improving the management, quality of care and outcome for patients with rare tumors, which have now been recognised as a public health priority.

The authors are experts from specialist sarcoma centers focusing on the capacity to develop clinical guidelines, and to foster clinical, translational and epidemiological research for rare cancers.