Practical Gynecologic Pathology – Frequently Asked Questions

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by  Wei, Jian-Jun, Hui, Pei (Eds.)

Springer 2021


Atteso per: 12 maggio 2021

SBN 978-3-030-68607-9




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This book serves as a quick review or summary of major diagnostic challenges in gynecologic pathology and embraces a Q/A format by providing the desired diagnostic knowledge. It combines the diagnostic approach as it relates to morphology and the relevant ancillary tests which impact on clinical outcome or management. Each topic is written by subspecialty gynecological pathologists in the field in making this a valuable book for a broad spectrum of readers, particularly pathology trainees, junior pathologists and general practicing pathologists. These authors provide concise and accurate answers for a variety of common, yet challenging diagnostic scenarios that are relevant and frequently encountered in daily practice. The book walks readers through current topics, controversies and diagnostic dilemmas for common gynecologic diseases with morphologic features and key ancillary tests, richly illustrated with figures and tables.  To reflex the current advances in diagnostic gynecological pathology, the topics are closely correlated with the updated disease classifications and diagnostic criteria, particularly those recognized by the World Health Organization.  Practical Gynecologic Pathology provides a concise summary and review for some of the most difficult, prevailing and emerging concepts in gynecologic pathology.