Pathology of the Prostate – An Algorithmic Approach

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By Lopez-Beltran, Cheng, Montironi, Raspollini

Available from: September 2017

Hardcover, 221 p., 443 ill.


ISBN: 978-1-108-18565-3




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A practical approach to pathology of the prostate with algorithms designed to guide pathologists in pathology and immunohistochemistry in prostate diseases. This book takes a multidisciplinary approach to the management of prostate cancer and will appeal to healthcare professionals treating patients, particularly urologists and oncologists.

  • A concise, practical, algorithmic guide to prostate pathology based on representative images, practical immunohistochemistry and clinical details of each entity
  • A structured multidisciplinary approach for pathologists, both practicing and trainees, in the diagnostic process and will also appeal to all healthcare professionals treating patients, particularly urologists, oncologists, biomedical scientists and researchers
  • Incorporates recent developments in biomarkers applied to immunohistochemistry, representing the best immunohistochemistry practice applied to current diagnosis of prostate cancer in biopsies and surgical specimens