A Notebook of Dermatopathology: Mastering the Basics, Pattern recognition, and Key Pathologic Findings

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By Miteva

Available from: December 2016

Softcover, 212 p., 671 ill.

CRC Press

ISBN: 978-1-4822-1957-9



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  • Features a wide variety of useful tips for those revising for exams or recertification
  • Features colour illustrations throughout
  • Features a highly visual style of presentation
  • Covers essential tips on the basics and key findings

This is an invaluable collection of information designed to help residents, fellows, and students – as well as any already qualified medical professional interested in revising the essentials of skin conditions – to master the basics of skin pathology. Using the principle of pattern recognition, it simplifies the multitude of dermatopathologic signs by using easy-to-memorize images of what the key features look like – photomnemonics. There are also helpful sections on the technical aspects of dermatopathology and on the key findings at each level of the skin. Organized simply and abundantly illustrated, this text will be an indispensable guide to revision for all its readers.