Koss’s Cytology of the Urinary Tract with Histopathologic Correlations

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by Koss, MD, FCRP, Leopold G., Hoda, FIAC, Rana S.
Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 978-1-4614-2055-2
Volumes: 1
# Pages: 125



Categories : PATHOLOGY

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This new volume fills the gap in the literature as it will guide urologists and pathologists in the proper utilization of a variety of laboratory methods that are currently available to determine the presence, persistence or progression of tumors of the lower urinary tract. The volume emphasizes cytology of the urinary tract which is preferred over other methods (i.e. biochemical, immunological and cytogenetic) for its accuracy, especially for the important high grade tumors. This volume will appeal to urologists as well as pathologists, cytopathologists and related professions. The illustrations, nearly all in color, stress the key points of the text and enhance basic understanding of urothelial and other tumors of the urinary tract.


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