Diagnosis of Small Lung Biopsy

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by Fraig, Mostafa M. (Ed.)
Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 978-1-4939-2574-2
Volumes: 1
# Pages: 106



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The text provides the general pathologist, clinician and pulmonary pathologist with a framework on how to work up a case of either non neoplastic or neoplastic lung disease and provide clinically relevant information to all involved in patient care. The basic understanding of radiologic findings and what they mean or how they are related to clinical and pathologic findings is addressed in detail. The implications of descriptive and diagnostic terms as well as the criteria for diagnosis and limitations of small biopsies is explained. The new entities in lung pathology whether neoplastic or non neoplastic are defined and characterized. The special techniques of pulmonary cytopathology, immunohistochemistry and molecular testing are outlined and specific algorithms for using them defined.
Diagnosis of Small Lung Biopsy: An Integrated Approach will serve as a very useful resource for practicing pathologists, clinicians and those in training with interest in pulmonary pathology and pulmonary medicine.


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