Breast – Cambridge Illustrated Surgical Pathology

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by Thomas J. Lawton
Publisher: Cambridge 2009

ISBN: 9780521881593
Volumes: 1
# Pages: 256



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Breast pathology is arguably considered the most challenging and controversial area of diagnostic pathology. Many gradations of normal, pre-cancerous, and cancerous conditions are often indistinguishable, making a clear-cut diagnosis very difficult and often a cause for intense debate. This latest book in the Cambridge Illustrated Surgical Pathology series comprehensively covers all methods utilized by pathologists to accurately diagnose diseases affecting the breast. Malignant tumors are the predominant focus, but a full spectrum of inflammatory disorders and hyperplasias is also covered in detail, and the book uniquely shows the progression of disease states from incipient to advanced. Findings are diagnosed not only through the light microscope but also through genetic, molecular, and immunologic modalities; the text additionally includes the interpretation of cytologic specimens as an important diagnostic modality in breast pathology. The book is highly illustrated, with more than 300 color photomicrographs, and accompanied by a CD-ROM of all images.

• Comprehensively covers all methods utilized by pathologists to diagnose diseases affecting the breast • Exclusive to diagnostic and clinical criteria, with unique orientation showing progression from incipient to advanced disease states • Illustrated with over 300 color photomicrographs and accompanied by a CD-ROM of all images


1. Normal histology and metaplasias; 2. Reactive and inflammatory lesions; 3. Adenosis, sclerosing lesions, and other miscellaneous benign entities; 4. Fibroepithelial lesions; 5. Nipple lesions; 6. Papillary lesions; 7. Benign stromal lesions; 8. Lobular neoplasia; 9. Ductal neoplasia; 10. Invasive carcinoma, no special type; 11. Invasive carcinoma, special types; 12. Metaplastic carcinoma and sacroma; 13. Cytology of the breast.


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