Breast Pathology

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Quick Overview

By Shousha

Available from: February 2017

Hardcover, 280 p., 150 ill.


ISBN: 978-3-319-28653-2





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Problematic Issues

  • Helps the practicing pathologist with practical problems they may face
  • Provides ample clear illustrations of the issues discussed
  • Explains how to deal with gross specimens that result from different surgical procedures
  • Discusses the use of immunohistochemistry in the diagnosis of breast diseases

This book covers practical diagnostic issues in breast pathology, with special emphasis on areas which pose diagnostic difficulties. These include dealing with the gross specimens derived from patients treated with conservative surgery and/ or who had neo-adjuvant therapy before surgery, dealing with axillary lymph nodes, proliferative breast lesions, problematic core biopsies, fibro-epithelial, spindle cell and papillary lesions, molecular classification of breast cancers, unusual types of breast cancer and breast immunohistochemistry. The book is well illustrated to help the reader diagnose difficult cases.