Breast Pathology in Clinical Practice

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Authors: Shousha, Sami


ISBN 978-3-030-42385-8



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his book provides a concise, step-by-step guide to accurate microscopic diagnosis for clinicians who deal with patients with breast lesions. The emphasis is on a practical approach to dealing with breast biopsies and reaching a diagnosis. It outlines the procedures used for the microscopic diagnosis of various breast lesions and the significance of the nomenclature and terms used in pathology reports, including those dealing with uncommon or rare lesions. Ample illustrations of the lesions discussed are included, particularly those dealing with uncommon and border-line lesions. There is a special emphasis on breast cancer and on the fact that not all breast cancers are the same. The different ways by which breast cancers are classified are discussed including recent classifications which lead to personalized therapy.

The book is aimed at pathologists of all grades who deal with breast biopsies including those in training. It would be also useful for practicing and trainee surgeons and oncologists as well as other health professionals dealing with patients with breast diseases and scientists carrying out research on breast problems.