Biopsy Interpretation of the Frozen Section biopsy interpretation series

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by erome B. Taxy M.D.
Publisher: LWW 2009

ISBN: 9780781767798
Volumes: 1
# Pages: 352



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A frozen section is regarded as the most definitive intraoperative examination, and its proper performance and interpretation is essential to determine the course of a given surgical procedure. Put simply, a frozen section involves a freezing apparatus to harden tissue, a microtome to shave off thin slices, an H&E staining set-up, and a microscope, and it requires an expert pathologist to interpret and communicate the results.

This new volume of the Biopsy Interpretation Series is a practical, superbly illustrated guide to the technical and interpretive aspects of a frozen section. The book gives pathologists a thorough knowledge of the utility and limitations of a frozen section, the appropriate circumstances for doing one, the proper techniques, and the interpretation and reporting of results. The focus is on use of the frozen section in intraoperative management of patients, particularly those with tumors.

The book features more than 300 full-colour gross and microscopic images, with discussions of differential diagnosis. A companion Website will provide 300 additional figures, plus a test bank that is ideal for board exam preparation.


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