Biopsy Interpretation of the Bone Marrow

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by Laura M. Wake, Genevieve M. Crane and Michael J. Borowitz

Publication date: 2023-08-01

Publisher: LWW

ISBN: 9781496300591



Categories : NEWS, PATHOLOGY

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Part of the highly regarded Biopsy Interpretation Series, this new volume by Drs. Laura M. Wake, Genevieve Crane, and Michael Borowitz presents a concise, pattern-based approach to bone marrow pathology. Biopsy Interpretation of the Bone Marrow provides superbly illustrated guidance from top experts in the field, covering all aspects of bone marrow aspirates and biopsies: procurement and processing, ancillary techniques, formulation of a final diagnosis, and reporting to the clinical team. Hundreds of full-color illustrations depict the full range of benign and neoplastic processes involving the bone marrow.