Atlas of Hematologic Neoplasms

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by Sun, Tsieh
Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 978-1-4899-8879-9
Volumes: 1
# Pages: 512



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Hematopathology has become a very complicated discipline. New classification of lymphomas and leukemias as well as new techniques are rapidly moving the field forward. Atlas of Hematologic Neoplasms, written by Tsieh Sun, MD, is designed with general pathologists, pathologists-in-training, clinical hematologists, and oncologists in mind. It presents over eighty clinical cases with clinical history, morphology of the original specimen, and differential diagnoses.

A concise discussion, references and teaching tables are available for further exploration. The major asset of this book is the provision of more than 500 (or 541, to be exact) beautiful photos depicting the morphology of peripheral blood smear, bone marrow, lymph node and other organs, as well as flow cytometric and molecular genetic pictures to illustrate the diagnostic principles.


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