Atlas of Diagnostic and Predictive Histopathology 2 ed

Atlas of Diagnostic and Predictive Histopathology 2 ed

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Available June 2020
2nd Ed., Hardcover, 537 p., 723 ill.
ISBN: 978-981-15-1219-3


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  • Provides ready reference to immunohistochemical and cytogenetic markers with their interpretation
  • Contains more than 2000 photographs along with concise microscopic description and interpretation
  • Includes appropriate gross and radiological images to complement diagnosis
  • Includes a chapter on predictive pathology that provides ready reference for interpretation of predictive markers like ER, PR, Her2, C-kit, ALK, etc

The second edition of this atlas covers histopathology of all organ systems that enhances the understanding of trainees and residents on histopathological diagnosis for a wide range of inflammatory, neoplastic, degenerative, developmental and metabolic disorders. With the increasing insight into the disease processes, though organ-specific books and atlases are increasingly available, there is a growing demand for a unified resource for histopathological diagnosis of each organ system to fulfill the need for histopathology trainees/residents and the general pathologists who are supposed to be abreast with knowledge and salient features to make a reliable provisional or final diagnosis on all types of cases from all organ systems in their routine practice. Each chapter covers a different organ system and provides better understanding of microscopic pathology of common diseases and cancers and interpretation along with relevant clinical presentation, epidemiology and demographics. It includes a chapter on ‘Predictive Pathology’ which helps the pathologists and other medical and health care professionals to understand and also report as per standard international guidelines for individualized patient management. This book serves as a concise and quick resource to the pathologists and contains about 2200 illustrations with microscopic description and interpretation. Besides H&E, a large number of images including special stains, IHC, FISH and radiology are also incorporated.
It provides a ready reference in a nutshell to the trainees of histopathology, surgical pathology, anatomic pathology, cellular pathology and practicing pathologists. Additionally, it also serves as a useful resource for biologists, biomedical scientists and physicians in general.