Afip 20 Tumors of the soft tissues

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by Miettinen, Fetsch, Antonescu,Folpe,Wakely
Publisher: ARP PRESS 2014

Volumes: 1
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This volume follows the long tradition of AFIP Atlases of Tumor Pathology. The authors have put emphasis on diagnosis, so the presentation is generally concise, yet more comprehensive on key points. In addition, the authors emphasize diagnostically important information on immunohistochemistry and molecular genetics, and include additional details when biologically significant. Site-specific soft tissue entities covered in the other atlases are often excluded due to space constraints.

This atlas covering tumors of the soft tissues is aimed as a practical diagnostic aid for pathologists, cytopathologists and pathol­ogy trainees, but the authors hope that their clinical colleagues and others may also find it as a useful source of information on soft tissue tumors and tumor-like lesions.

Order the Tumors of the Soft Tissues AFIP atlas now to take advantage of these new discoveries and techniques for diagnosing and treating these types of tumors.


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