Afip 19 – Tumors of the Peripheral Nervous System

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Publisher: ARP PRESS 2013

ISBN: 1-933477-30-X
Volumes: 1
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This edition describes the spectrum of neoplasms, hamartomas, hyperplasias, reactive lesions, and inflammatory pseudotumors arising from or associated with peripheral nerves. Included are lesions affecting spinal nerves and extradural portions of cranial nerves. Specifically excluded from this discussion are lesions of the optic nerve, a central nervous system structure.

Peripheral nerve tumors are generally classified as soft tissue tumors, but they differ significantly from most neoplasms in this category. Notable differences include the frequent association of nerve sheath tumors with genetic disorders and the origin of a majority of malignant nerve sheath tumors from neurofibroma, a benign precursor lesion. Furthermore, tumors of peripheral nerves are histologically diverse and arise in a complex tissue with distinctive anatomic compartments.

This volume will be a useful reference for pathologists, residents and students for many years.


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